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Those picks with actual exit price and % change highlighted in orange have been sold. 


A few quickies for May 2014: NAVB, XXII, GTXI

NAVB Entry Price: $1.35 | Target value $3 | Actual exit price: $1.70 | % Change: +26% | Duration: 20 days

XXII Entry Price: $2.30 | Target value $3 | Actual exit price: $2.80 | % Change: +22% | Duration: 3 days | +60% 15 days

GTXI Entry Price: $1.37 | Target value $3 | Actual exit price: ??? | % Change: ??? | Duration: ???

All three forementioned companies have important catalysts in the next couple of weeks.

Navidea (NAVB) is awaiting PDUFA for their Lymphoseek on June 16th 2014.

22nd Century Group (XXII) awaiting annual report which will discuss their pipeline (Phase II and III for lower-risk tobacco products), future events, partnership with British Tobacco.

GTX Inc. (GTXI) awaiting Preliminary Phase 2 clinical data for Enobosarm in Metostatic Breast Cancer at ASCO 2014 May 30th - June 03.

04.14 - 04.18

BONE (Bacterin International Holdings Inc.)

Entry Price: $0.685 | Target value $2.50 | Actual exit price: ??? | % Change: ??? | Duration: ???

Those of you who follow me on Stocktwits and check this page for my new picks and reasoning, know that I always base my opinion on facts and logic. Bacterin is a US-based tissue bank and medical devise company. The company designs, processes, manufactures, and markets advanced medical Products. Its a specialty tissue bank focused on processing and distributing allografts to the patients. In march 2014, the company issued a release including an article that showed BONE's product OsteoSponge has worked in 98% of patients needing bone fusion surgeries. Shortly after the company released a launch of the new product OsteoSTX to be used for Spinal Injuries. BONE has been having some executive issues in the last year, and have replaced their CEO with Dan Goldberger, a medical device industry veteran, who is doing a great job turning the company around to be profitable. HERE's the fun fact: on April 8th, 2014 BONE hired to new exec VPs (didn't replace old ones, but hired 2 new ones). Jimmy Bornheimer and Stephen Smith both are known to be involved with BioTech companies right before they get taken over by "Big Pharma" companies, for example Sound Surgical Technologies Inc. I strongly believe that two bio veterans would not have relocated permanently to Belgrade, Montana unless its either paying them triple of their average salaries, or its only a temporary gig to sell the company. My opinion is Bacterin will be Bought Out some time in Q2 2014. its definitely a buy under $1 per share, I anticipate an offer of no less than $2.50 ps on buyout!

04. 07 - 04.11

ECTE (Echo Therapeutics)

Entry Price: $2.99 | Target value $5 | Actual exit price: 3.59 | % Change: 20% | Duration: 14 days ------- looking to re-enter sub $3

03.20.2014 Entry Price: $3.11 | Target value $5 | Actual exit price: ??? | % Change: ??? | Duration: ???

I guess you can't win them all. CE Mark has requested more information from Echo Therapeutics for Gen-1 Symphony device. The management decided to scrap the approval process for Gen-1 and go with Gen-2. Its a bag I have to hold. - 45% for now.

ECTE is awaiting response from CE Mark in the EU sometime in April. Company reported submission on January 13th, usually CE Mark decides with in 90 days. During last ER company said they are in close communication with the committee, and provide them with any information they require for approval. We are anxiously awaiting the response. 

Echo Therapeutics develops hardware that allows continuous monitoring of blood-glucose levels for patients with diabetes in ICU. Yes, there are dozens of similar devices on the market. Yet, Echo's Symphony allows the reading to be taken without permeating the skin. In November 2013 Echo Therapeutics applied for the approval of it Symphony device by the CE in the European Union. They are expecting the device to be approved in Q2 2014. Symphony works by removing the top layer of the skin (dead skin), which is painless, and getting the glucose reading from the capillaries in the skin. We believe that ECTE is grossly undervalued at $2.99 per share. Symphony has been praised by Diabetes patients fed up with daily needles. 

03.17 - 03.21

BSPM (Biostar Pharmaceuticals)

Entry Price: $2.13 | Target value $4.50 | Actual exit price: ??? | % Change: ??? | Duration: ???

The Company's product is the Xin Ao Xing Oleanolic Acid Capsule, an over-the- counter (OTC) medicine for chronic hepatitis B, a disease affecting approximately 10% of the Chinese population. As of December 31, 2011, the Company's product line also includes five other OTC products, 10 prescription-based pharmaceuticals, five nutriceuticals or health products and one medical device. The research of applying Oleanic acid to treat liver cancer has been well reported in United States in recent years. Biostar’s research scientists has discovered that the “AO” factor existed in the Oleanic acid was remarkably effective in killing the Hepatitis B virus (HBV), and it may also be used to kill the cancer cells. In February the company joined Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine to develop the potential blockbuster drug. Shortly after the company offered more shares at 2.49 per share. I believe the stock is now oversold is fairly valued between $3 and $4 per shares.

03.03 - 03.07

MNKD (Mannkind Corporation)

Entry Price: $5.50 | Target value $18 | Actual exit price: 7.99 | % Change: +42% | Duration: 5 days - will rebuy for PDUFA 07/14 only if price is below $6 per share

On April 1st, Advisory Committee has really pulled one out of the hat and fooled everyone, voting for approval Afrezza as treatment for Type 1 diabetes 13-1 and 14-0 for Type 2. I am now patiently awaiting PDUFA date which was move to July 15th 2014.

MannKind Corporation (MannKind) is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The Company's product candidate, AFREZZA (insulin human) inhalation powder, is insulin that is in late-stage clinical investigation for the treatment of adults with type I or type II diabetes for the control of hyperglycaemia. Mannkind has completed numerous studies proving efficacy and safety of its products including a total of 6500 patients. They approached the FDA twice before, their last CRL only included certain safety concerns, which they have proven to be non-existent. FDA Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for April 1st, 2014 and we anticipate a positive vote. If approved, Mannkind will be looking at roughly 5 billion dollars in annual sales. BUY BUY BUY

02.17 - 02.21 

OXBT (Oxygen Biotherapeutics)

Entry Price: $6.01 | Target value $17.50 | Actual exit price: $8.34 | % Change: +34% | Duration: 14 days  - - - - Waiting for dilution to re-enter.

Many of you ask when is the good time to get back into OXBT... This is how I see it, the company sold much more shares than they should have, they have literally double the float. which now values it over $100 million. For a company who has one legitimate drug candidate to significantly capitalize on, its overvalued. I think that fair value of the stock with current float is $3.50 per share.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics develops an orphan drug Levosimendan used to treat Low Cardiac Output Syndrome in patients with Congestive Heart Failure. Oxygen acquired Physius Pharma (exclusive rights holder to develop and sell Levosimendan in the US and Canada) in October 2013. The drug has been granted fast-track designation by the FDA, who stated that one modest sized trial will be sufficient to have the drug approved. Numerous trials have been done in the past on Levosimendan by numerous reputable researches proving that the drug is efficacious and safe. We anticipate approval by the end of 2015 and grant a fair value of $40-45 upon approval (factoring in possible dilution) BUY BUY BUY at $6.5 - $8

Previous Picks for year 2014

05.21 - 06.13

NAVB (Navidea Biosciences)

Entry Price: $1.35 | Target value $4 | Actual exit price: $1.70 | % Change: +26% | Duration: 20 days

05.21 - 06.13

XXII (22nd Century)

Entry Price: $2.30 | Target value $4 | Actual exit price: $2.80 | % Change: +23% | Duration: 3 days

03.26 - 04.02

MNKD (Mannkind Corporation)

Entry Price: $5.50 | Target value $18 | Actual exit price: $7.99 | % Change: +42% | Duration: 5 days

03.11 -03.12

OXGN (Oxigene Inc)

Entry Price: $2.06 | Target value $4.12 | Actual exit price: $5.30| % Change: +165% | Duration: 1 day

03.07 -03.10

UQM (UQM Technologies Inc.)

Entry Price: $2.14 | Target value $3.50 | Actual exit price: $3.21| % Change: +50% | Duration: 2 days

02.10 - 02.14 

CHTP (Chelsea Therapeutics Inc)

Entry Price: $2.72 | Target value $9.15 | Actual exit price: $6.25 | % Change: +129% | Duration: 32 days

10.31 - 11.05

OXBT (Oxygen Bioterapeutics)

Entry Price: $2.61 | Target value $5.24 | Actual exit price: $7.99 | % Change: +206 | Duration: 3 days

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